Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Are Common Skin Cancer Warning Signs?

At one point in time, many considered a golden sun kissed body a sign of beauty. Yet, along with this beauty, it has since been learned, can come a very costly price. Overexposure or prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. However, being able to recognize skin cancer warning signs is a valuable skill whether or not you consider yourself to be at high risk or not from sun exposure. This form of cancer is not always directly related to UV rays. Other factors contribute to cancerous growths on the skin
Skin Cancer SignsLike most other cancers, the quicker that skin cancer is detected and treated the better. Therefore, it is essential to examine your skin periodically for any new or unusual blemishes, moles, freckles or sores. One of the earliest skin cancer warning signs includes a mole or freckle that grows, changes color, or changes shape. These growths can vary from brown to black to translucent. Another alert are any wounds that do not heal or remain irritated. These should be checked by a doctor immediately. Brown or red spots that are often dismissed as skin pigment discoloration can also lead to cancer of the skin. Watch for scaling or rough textures in these areas.

Early skin cancer warning signs are often dismissed due to the fact that most people have multiple different types of moles, birthmarks, and freckles. Many contribute these to aging rather than skin cancer. They typically do not follow up with medical consultation early. They either fear hearing the worst and put off the doctor visit, simply do not take time to make an appointment, or are ashamed of visiting the doctor resulting in over reaction to a blemish.

It is always best to have a spot checked and learn that it is benign than to wait and later discover that you have cancer on your skin. Skin cancer comes in many different forms. It is impossible to diagnosis a spot as malignant or begin based on your other spots or the spots of friends. Never let skin cancer warning signs go unattended or unchecked thoroughly by a doctor before dismissing them as a common freckle, mole, or sign of aging.

Although some spots may not be actual cancer on your skin, they can be indications that one should be more cautious about watching for other skin cancer warning signs. For example, dysplastic naevi, larger irregular moles, are not cancerous but they do often mean that you are more prone to melanoma. Sunspots are also indicators that a person could be at higher risk for cancer on the skin.

Skin cancer is a serious disease that needs immediate attention by a specialist. However, if caught early enough, this cancer can be successfully treated. The key to containing and ridding your skin of cancer is recognizing the skin cancer warning signs that indicate you may have more than a common skin blemish

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